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JP-S59221228-A: Detector patent, JP-S59221406-A: Steam valve device patent, JP-S59221723-A: Reporting system of completion of initialization for input and output controller patent, JP-S59221916-A: Contact switching device patent, JP-S59222741-A: Method for measuring outer diameter of lens patent, JP-S59223171-A: Electrode projecting length adjusting device of automatic arc welding device patent, JP-S59223339-A: Weft yarn treatment in shuttleless loom patent, JP-S59224198-A: Communication device containing boas installing structure patent, JP-S59224407-A: Construction of installation house for turbine power generator patent, JP-S59224511-A: Optical fiber gyro patent, JP-S59224558-A: Cooling device for eddy current flaw detection probe patent, JP-S59225979-A: Detecting system for trailing end of ink donor film patent, JP-S59227534-A: Terminal structure of side molding for automobile patent, JP-S5922764-A: Method for correcting enlarged character patent, JP-S59227786-A: Method of inspecting coal tar pitch impregnation degree to electrode rod article in carbonaceous electrode rod manufacturing process patent, JP-S59228228-A: Display panel patent, JP-S59229025-A: Fuel supply control method for internal-combustion engine patent, JP-S59230151-A: Co sensor patent, JP-S59230158-A: Method for measuring cyanogen ion patent, JP-S59231283-A: Method of making sure air mortar filling in clearance of pipe in method of pipe-in-pipe construction patent, JP-S59231440-A: Electrode and apparatus for detecting glucose concentration patent, JP-S59231609-A: Finding and displaying device for fault tree contradiction patent, JP-S59231797-A: Electronic computer patent, JP-S5923209-A: Coating thickness measuring method for coated pipe of fuel patent, JP-S5924212-A: Flow meter patent, JP-S5924299-A: Method and device for mechanically decontaminating patent, JP-S5925226-A: Interference suppressing method, aligning method and device patent, JP-S592655-A: Cake patent, JP-S5926580-A: Dyeing and printing of fiber material patent, JP-S5926665-A: Lubricating apparatus for automotive transmission patent, JP-S5928386-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5928851-A: Cooler for rotary electric machine patent, JP-S5932876-A: Lsi tester patent, JP-S5933054-A: Resin composition for light alloy molding sand and its production patent, JP-S5933421-A: Optical branching and coupling device patent, JP-S5933553-A: Data processor patent, JP-S5934167-A: Method for measuring very low frequency dielectric constant and device for executing said method patent, JP-S5936324-A: Rotary magnetic head patent, JP-S5936548-A: Method and apparatus for separating fine catalyst particle from gas stream patent, JP-S5936818-A: Sun tracking device of solar battery patent, JP-S5937173-A: Remover for clogging of hopper patent, JP-S5937348-A: Vibration preventing rubber mount patent, JP-S5937417-A: Temperature compensating circuit of offset voltage of semiconductor pressure sensor patent, JP-S5937567-A: Picture device and picture converting method using said device patent, JP-S5938356-A: Electric welded pipe patent, JP-S5938576-A: Heater patent, JP-S5939355-A: Electrostatic coating apparatus patent, JP-S5940129-A: Apparatus for measuring vibration patent, JP-S5940496-A: Discharge lamp starter patent, JP-S594069-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S5942802-A: Apparatus for crushing, expanding and softening soil patent, JP-S5943389-A: Bwr type reactor patent, JP-S5943890-A: Metal electrolytic manufacture and device patent, JP-S5943915-A: Muffler for exhaust noise from internal-combustion engine for car patent, JP-S5944347-A: 4-amino-tetrahydro-2-naphthoic acid derivative patent, JP-S5944689-A: Method of controlling operation of bwr type reactor patent, JP-S5945610-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S5945638-A: Focusing state controller patent, JP-S5945865-A: Modification of tobacco taste patent, JP-S5946456-A: Refrigeration cycle patent, JP-S5946828-A: Force transducer patent, JP-S5948610-A: Method of measuring length patent, JP-S59500025-A: patent, JP-S5950087-A: Livestock excrements treatment and device patent, JP-S5950696-A: Headphone device patent, JP-S5950961-A: Continuous casting method of beam blank patent, JP-S5951167-A: Hydraulic operating motor patent, JP-S5951260-A: Manufacture of n-phenylamidine patent, JP-S5951604-A: Microwave circuit patent, JP-S595230-A: Optical deflector patent, JP-S5954590-A: Ribbon setter patent, JP-S5956195-A: Method of dissolving spent fuel patent, JP-S5956915-A: Wire rod drying device in wire drawing device patent, JP-S5958878-A: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, JP-S5959130-A: Packing of living fish patent, JP-S5959225-A: Apparatus for scraping-up precipitated sand patent, JP-S5959930-A: Friction twisting apparatus patent, JP-S5960010-A: Thermo-siphon type power generator patent, JP-S5960252-A: Electrochemical device for monitoring and/or measuring one component of gas patent, JP-S5960395-A: Fuel assembly inspecting device patent, JP-S5961493-A: Controlling method of ac motor patent, JP-S5962712-A: Rivet assembly for one side working patent, JP-S5963168-A: Extraction of essence of snapping turtle patent, JP-S5963190-A: Preparation of itaconic acid using immobilized microorganism patent, JP-S5967447-A: Analyzing method patent, JP-S5969362-A: Bobbin holding device patent, JP-S597198-A: 2'-deoxyuridine compound, manufacture and pharmaceutical composition patent, JP-S59730-A: Asynchronous hard copy system of display screen patent, JP-S5973341-A: Drip weather strip patent, JP-S5973461-A: Concrete or mortar sludge composition patent, JP-S5973799-A: Method of operating radioactive gaseous waste processing sy-stem patent, JP-S5974288-A: Automated membrane test cell device and use patent, JP-S5974369-A: Fuel feed device patent, JP-S5974415-A: Liquid fuel combustion device patent, JP-S597613-A: Blade type conveyor patent, JP-S5976597-A: Biological treatment of waste water containing nitrogen compound and dithionic acid patent, JP-S5976895-A: Tin-free steel for processing in retort patent, JP-S5977259-A: Solar heat collector patent, JP-S5977429-A: Convergent lens unit patent, JP-S5977987-A: Light car patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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